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Homeowners may not immediately think of insulation installation when calling Summit Point Roofing initially, but this material is extremely important to both the interior and rooftop. Insulation provides temperature control for the entire structure, including shingle layers. Summit Point Roofing offers different insulation types and installation choices as they visit each client.

If a home doesn’t have attic insulation, Summit Point Roofing will provide the best choices available to homeowners. These professionals work with either blown in or rolled materials. Generally, blown in materials adhere to small areas better than rolled types. However, both materials still perform well for temperature control within the attic and across the rooftop.

Summit Point Roofing recommends two main choices for their insulation material: cellulose or fiberglass. Cellulose manufactured by Johns Manville is considered a higher end material because it has resiliency against pests and mold, unlike fiberglass. However, fiberglass remains a strong contender for budget friendly applications. Summit Point Roofing contractors can blow in or roll out fiberglass while cellulose is only blown in, for instance. Owens Corning is this company’s main rolled insulation supplier, satisfying customers at each project site.

If clients have existing insulation, Summit Point Roofing is there to inspect it for any stains, mold or mildew issues. Leaks from the rooftop above are usually apparent across the insulation over time. Professionals pinpoint leak origination areas and repair the area as necessary.

While Summit Point Roofing contractors inspect the insulation, they’ll also take a look at the roof’s underside. The decking above can hide leaks too, but it isn’t easily examined with shingles attached. Accessing the roof from below allows these professionals to perform any repairs inside the attic for even better aesthetic and functional results.

Blown in insulation handled by Summit Point Roofing is a relatively fast installation process, but there can be some untidiness associated with it. Close windows and doors nearby to prevent any insulation from accidentally moving out of the attic. Although Summit Point Roofing works carefully to confine the material, windy conditions can create some messes. Summit Point Roofing professionals will clean up at day’s end and after the project is completed.


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